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Capital One UK Supports Staff with Cost-of-Living Payment

Capital One UK is committed to doing the right thing for its customers and associates. Its priority to do what it can to make the next few months a less anxious time for those across its business who might be most affected by rising prices. 

As we enter autumn and a tougher economic environment, Capital One UK has announced it will give a one-off payment of up to £1,500 for employees who earn £30,000 or less. These associates are those who are most impacted by the cost-of-living crisis.  

The amount received will be dependent on the individual’s salary, with a sizeable majority receiving the full £1,500 amount. 

For associates earning closer to £30,000, the payment will scale at two intervals, to £1,000 and then £750. The payment will be made in October payroll to all eligible employees.

Lucy Hagues, CEO of Capital One UK said,

"Capital One UK is dedicated to doing the right thing for our customers, our communities and our colleagues. 

"Many people are currently experiencing cost of living challenges. Rising costs affect everyone, including our staff, and of course those who earn less see more of their income taken up with the price of everyday essentials, like energy and food. 

“We are providing this one-off payment, in addition to the many other benefits we provide as an employer, because it is the right thing to do."

This initiative is applicable to Capital One UK employees only and does not apply to any non-UK businesses or associates.