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2022 Community Impact - A Year in Review

At Capital One UK, there’s always been a focus on how we contribute to society - both in our impact on the lives of the customers we serve and the communities we belong to. For years we have invested time, funding and our skills to causes that address the key social, economic and environmental issues facing society. 2022 was another year where we demonstrated this commitment and we are proud to share our results.

Capital One UK is pleased to announce that it contributed a grand total of £647,663 to its charity and community partners during the year, with impact seen across a whole range of organisations and schemes.

Dave Richards (he/him), Head of Corporate Responsibility at Capital One UK, said: “I am so proud of the ways in which Capital One has shown up as a force for good in 2022. In many ways, it has been a year of change for the organisation, as we settled into a hybrid working environment. While doing so, I have been heartened by the passion of our workforce to get involved in CSR events, while also continuing to deliver virtual activities in communities across the UK. I’d like to express my sincere thanks to all the associates that made this happen, and for being our programme’s greatest asset”

Take a look at the big things we did in 2022…

Capital One UK Infographic

We are proud of what Capital One UK has achieved in 2022 and strive to push its fundraising to even greater heights in 2023.

Infographic - Transcript

2022 Community Impact - A year in review

We donated a grand total of £647,663 to our charity partners

The Impact

  • 558,697 people benefitted
  • 181 organisations supported
  • 46% of UK associates got involved
  • 4,300 hours of associate time donated

The Highlights

  • We donated £24,500 in support of #HelpUkraine, with funds going towards the ongoing humanitarian effort.
  • More than 500,000 people benefitted from activities and events held as part of our new partnership with National Numeracy.
  • 35 associates completed the National Three Peaks challenge, raising over £16,000 for Rethink Mental Illness.
  • 21 associates cycled from Nottingham to London for Rethink Mental Illness, raising over £9,000.
  • 58 associates helped 6,711 students through our Pathways Programme, designed to help young people in the community reach their full potential.
  • 40 associates volunteered for ‘Wild at Work’ days, to support the valuable work of The Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.