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We've Got Big Things
In Mind For You

Here at Capital One, we look at finance the way tech companies look at everything – it’s all about finding creative ways to make people’s lives easier. So that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re making finance simpler, more creative and more human.

Not to toot our own horn, but we got those ‘best place to work’ awards by practising what we preach. We make work life simple, so our people can get creative. (Although the competitive salaries and other perks are probably factors too.)

Capital One is an award-winning place to work because we want the best people. And that starts with our graduate and intern programmes.

Start Your Application Process With A Few Clicks


Get the ball rolling

Choose the role that’s right for you. Click ‘apply’, attach your CV and answer a couple of questions.

Start Your Application Process With A Few Clicks


Show us what you bring to the table

Take a test online. This is your chance to show us how well you can deal with different situations and use numbers and information to make good decisions. You might be tested on your coding skills if you’ve applied to our Software Academy.

Start Your Application Process With A Few Clicks


Fire up your webcam and say hi

Record yourself answering the questions we give you. Some of them will be about why you want the job. Some will be technical questions.

Start Your Application Process With A Few Clicks


Come and meet us in person

Come to our office for an assessment day style interview and dress to impress. You’ll take part in a number of different interviews and tasks, depending on the role you apply for. These could be in the form of case studies, group tasks or presentations.

Start Your Application Process With A Few Clicks


Come to a final interview

Last interview, we promise. If you’ve already wowed us enough, you might not even need to do this final interview. But if we only have a couple of places left and several people we like, this is how we’ll make our final decisions.

Start Your Application Process With A Few Clicks


How we tell you ‘yay or nay’

After each stage, we’ll be in touch within a couple of days. If it’s bad news, we’ll explain where you did well, where there’s room for improvement and advice for the future. And if it’s good news it’ll be a ‘congratulations!’

We'll Give You
Everything You Need To Shine.

We’ll throw you straight into the action. You’ll be working on big projects that affect our customers’ lives. And while you learn by doing, we’ll pack out your first ten weeks with all the training you need to aim high from the very start. You’ll get all the training that’s specific to your job, for example if you join as an Analyst you’ll be busy with coding languages statistics and valuation models.

And we’ll also give you everything you need to make an impression. A buddy to give you Capital One wisdom on demand, a meeting with our CEO and funding for even more qualifications if you think your CV needs them.

Life At
Capital One

We expect big things from our graduates. It’s hard work, but rewarding. We won’t put ridiculous demands or impossible deadlines on you, but we expect you to be at the top of your game – day in, day out.

Work. Relax. Play. Whatever you do, we want you to feel at home here. At work, we’re more business casual than suited and booted. Our Nottingham office has been our home for over 20 years and our recently opened London office is a tech haven, right on the Silicon Roundabout. Whether you’re unwinding with the on-site massage therapists and well-equipped music room at the Nottingham office, or enjoying the view from our roof top running track in our London hub – life at Capital One will enable you to work flexibly, inspire ideas and encourage collaboration.