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Capital One UK Encourages Associates to Talk Up About Menopause 

Capital One UK launches an internal campaign to raise awareness of the challenges faced by those experiencing menopause symptoms.

As part of its mission to raise awareness of the challenges faced by those experiencing menopause symptoms, Capital One UK recently ran an internal campaign.

The communications included a support document offering guidance and advice on menopause in the workplace; aimed not just at associates going through the transition, but at people leaders and those indirectly impacted by menopause symptoms as well. Amongst other things, the support document includes a ‘Menopause in Numbers’ infographic, which aims to educate and raise awareness amongst associates about the different symptoms and how they can affect our social lives. 

The award winning workplace is encouraging people leaders to treat the menopause as any other medical or mental health issue. Additional help and guidance is offered to associates through an internal support group, which comprises an internal facing Slack channel and monthly meet-up sessions. All associates affected by menopause - whether directly, or through colleagues or family members, for example - are invited to join and to be a part of the conversation.

Earlier this year, the company asked the support group to answer a few questions, and discovered that: 

  • 75% of associates experienced symptoms that had a negative impact on their work
  • Nearly half of associates had taken time off work due to the symptoms
  • Two thirds of associates felt comfortable speaking to their manager about their symptoms, but a third felt they had no one they could open up to about their symptoms until the support group started

There is also an open forum which gives associates the opportunity to tell the HR team openly and honestly, if there is anything further they could be supported with; either as someone going through the menopause or as a people leader wanting to support team members. 

In addition to the new support document and internal Menopause Support Group, associates also have access to a host of internal resources including the company's Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), Thrive mental wellbeing app and Aviva Wellbeing and Digital GP app. There is also an internal mental health network that offers support to associates and informed insights to the company. 

Janet Dickens - a Portfolio Analyst at Capital One - set up the internal support group and leads the monthly sessions. She commented:

“It’s reassuring to know that Capital One has recognised what an impact the menopause can have and has supported me to make sure we recognise how challenging the menopause can be. It’s something that will affect nearly all of us in some way or another. If you don’t go through it yourself, it’s likely that your mother, wife, partner or friend will do some time in the future.

Over the last year, I’ve been working with HR to make sure anyone affected by menopause gets the support they need. We want people to feel comfortable talking about the menopause and have open conversations in a safe space. 

Menopause and its symptoms can change the way someone feels about themselves, can damage confidence and negatively affect their mental health. This is why it’s important to talk about the menopause and keep talking about it.”

Sonia Morgan, HR Director at Capital One, commented: 

Capital One has a multi-generational workforce, so being aware of the wellbeing needs of all associates and fostering an inclusive culture where everyone can be their best self at work has never been so important.

Capital One UK is 24 years old now, so many of our tenured staff are now coming to that certain age and I’m really pleased to be addressing this important topic by bringing awareness, education and support of what menopause is and how it can affect someone at work. This creates a foundation for associates and their managers to talk openly and to ensure the right support is provided for associates when they need it."